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The Rotary Club of Bellevue meets at Maggiano’s every Tuesday at 12:00 noon. We hope you will join us.


Camp Goodtimes 2016Camp Goodtimes 2016


A place to let go of worries, to relax and spend time with people just like you. Every year, Bellevue Rotary donates $5,000 to Camp Goodtimes.


Rotary Theme 2019-2020
Ice Cream Sales 2015 - Norm Beck and son KarlBAM Ice Cream Sales 2016


Every July, as they have done for more than three decades, Bellevue Rotarians dish it out to raise funds for our community at the Bellevue ARTSfair.


Rotary Theme 2019-2020
RotaCare ClinicRotaCare Clinic


Bellevue Rotary’s RotaCare Clinic helps hundreds every year, providing free medical services. They are funded entirely by donations.


Rotary Theme 2019-2020
Rotary First HarvestRotary First Harvest


Rotary First Harvest acts as a conduit between farmers who have surplus produce and programs to feed hungry families in our region.


Rotary Theme 2019-2020

World Community Service Grants

The World Community Service (WCS) Committee calls for proposals of charitable projects that benefit international peoples in need. Funds entrusted to the Committee for the projects approved are allotted to WCS from our annual auction proceeds.

Once the proposals are submitted, the WCS Committee evaluates them and approves as many as fit our criteria, are the most appropriate and worthwhile, and are in keeping with our budget. The approved projects are then sent on to the Bellevue Rotary Board of Directors for further approval.

If they are Matching Grant projects, they must be further approved by the District International Committee and by The Rotary Foundation.

If you have questions regarding an Bellevue Rotary International Grant, please contact

Grant requests are due by March 31, 2020, but early applications are appreciated.


  Download the Bellevue Rotary World Community Service file packet (.zip), which contains:

  • World Community Service Project Proposal Form (.docx)
  • World Community Service Grant Criteria (.pdf)
  • World Community Service Grant Checklist (.pdf)
  • Rotary Matching Grants (Explanation) (.pdf)
  • Lifecycle of a Matching Grant (PDF) 

Bellevue Rotary Flash Mob for World Community Service

The Rotary Flash Mob

Bellevue Rotary Club created “sparks” to engage our members in International Projects through our patented “Flash Mob”! Using precision moves and steadfast dedication to the 4-Way Test, our “mobsters” will dance their way into your hearts. Do NOT try these moves at home!

Bellevue Rotary members create “sparks” to engage everyone in international projects through our patented “Flash Mob,” using precision moves and steadfast dedication to the 4-Way Test. This Flash Mob demonstration — to the Katy Perry song “Firework” — shows how one person can spark the actions of others so that a ripple effect moves across the globe to mend the lives of those in need — the goal of Rotary World Community Service.

You can be that catalyst! Let’s hear from some of your fellow members who have been that spark. How many of you know of one person who has a hand in lifting up disadvantaged people somewhere in the world? Someone at your church, a physician who does travel clinics, a friend at an NGO, a relative, a fellow athlete, a client? I constantly meet them just having casual conversations. I hear them speak at conferences. You, yourself, travel and have a chance to visit Rotary Clubs in other countries.

Those people you meet up with and those Rotary Clubs you visit are doing projects which have a monumental, and I mean colossal, effect on the lives of people who never dreamed of such a gift. They need our help. However, and that is a big however, we prefer to organize our own projects that we put our hearts and souls into, rather than adopt projects from other Rotary Clubs. You need to be the catalyst to bring us together. Our committee will help you to make it happen.

In Katy Perry’s words:

There’s a spark in you,
You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine,
‘Cause, baby, you’re a firework.

wcs committee funded projects *


Sanitation and Water Education Campaign Project, Akola, India – Public education campaign in partnership with the Vishal Himalaya Foundation to complement a Rotary toilet building project to help improve sanitation and safe drinking water in a community of 200,000 people. Amount: $2,000; Advocate: Shiv Batra;  Host Club: Mercer Island Rotary Club

YMCA Supporting Special Needs Youth to Live & Learn Project, Madurai, India – Global partnership project between the Bellevue YMCA and the Madurai, India YMCA to provide 132 Beds, bedding and classroom furniture for children at Madurai YMCA Schools for the Mentally Challenged, Hearing Impaired & Boys Home for students with Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome & Autism. Second Year of Project. Amount: $5,000; Advocate: Paul Lwali;  Host Club: Rotary Club of Bellevue

Computer and ICT in Education for All, Dharan, Nepal – Global grant to purchase and distribute computers for up to 60 community schools in the Sunsari District of Nepal’s southeast region. This grant dramatically increases computer literacy for some of the poorest children in Nepal. ICT means Information and Communications Technology. Amount: $1,000; Advocate: Chris Loeffler;  Host Club: Rotary Club of Dharan Ghopa

Computer Classroom for La Carreta, Nicaragua – A partnership with Somos Ohana Nicaragua to habilitate a classroom in a secondary school that is already under construction in La Carreta (Municipality of Villanueva), which will serve as a library and computer lab for 175 children. Amount: $2,500; Advocate: Rachele Bouchard;  Host Club: Rotary Club of Chinandega

Equipping Two Operation Theaters at the Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal — This project will repair two operating rooms at this hospital which delivers on average 60 babies per day and serves some of Kathmandu’s poorest people. Amount: $4,000; Advocate: Rob Rose;  Host Club: Rotary Club of Jawalakhel

St. Tekla Cardia Hospital Medical Machinery Project, Alexandria, Egypt – This global grant will secure medical machinery to help with the detection and care of heart disease which claimed 27% of all Egyptian deaths in 2014. Amount: $5,000; Advocate: Suzy Burke-Myers;  Host Club: Rotary Club of Bellevue

Potable Water Project Aguasanta, Colombia – This project will provide a Potable Water Treatment Plant for a rural community with a current population of 3,200 and a projected population of 5,000 in the Municipality of San Antonio del Tequendama, Cundinamarca, Colombia. Amount: $1,500; Advocate: Martin Clavijo;  Host Club: Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club

Budget for 2015-2016: $21,000


* CLICK HERE for WCS Committee Funded Projects prior to Rotary Year 2005-10.