World Community Service Committee Funded Projects 2005-10


Roof & Stove Project, Bolivia – Advocate: Ev Stitz; Partner: Engineers Without Borders, UW; Approved: $5,000

Sanitation and Clean Drinking Water, India – Advocate: Shiv Batra; Partner: Rotary Clubs of Mercer Island Rotary, Mill Creek; Approved: $3,500; Matching Grant

SMS System for Data Collection, Malawi – Advocate: Sandy Clark; Village Reach; Approved: $3,000

Technology Project, Bulgari – Advocate: Rob Rose, Margaret Doman; Partner: USAID, 5 US Rotary Clubs, Bulgaria Rotary Club; Approved: $2,000

Books, Mexico – Advocate: John Lee; Approved: $600

Clean Water (Filters), Peru – Advocate: Margaret Doman; Partner: Rotary Clubs of University, Northshore; Approved: $2,000

Dental Supplies, Kenya – Advocate: Lynn Jones; Approved: $500

Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund – Advocate: Margaret Doman; The Rotary Foundation; Approved: $900

Wheelchairs, Nepal – Advocate: Rob Rose; Rotary Club of Kirkland + other D5030 Rotary Clubs; Approved: $1,500; Matching Grant

Equipment for New Center for Children With Disability, Nepal – Advocate: Rob Rose; Rotary Club of Kirkland + other D5030 Rotary Clubs; Approved: $3,000; Matching Grant

Health Care Clinic, Jamaica, West Indies – Advocate: Windell Mitchell from Seattle International Rotary Club; Seattle International Rotary Club, University Rotary Club + other D5030 Rotary Clubs; Approved: $3,000; Matching Grant

School Furnishings, Mexico – Advocate: John Lee; Partner: Rotary Clubs of Zihuatanejo, Bellevue Sunrise; Approved: $4,500; Matching Grant

Microlending, India – Advocate: Nancy Pasternak; Partner: Prosperity Rings, Rotary Club of Seattle#4; Approved: $5,000

Budget for 2009-10: $34,500


Clean Water for Citizens of Northern Uganda – Project Advocate: Bill Ptacek; Approved: $3,000 Matching Grant

Ethiopia Reads—Twelve Ethiopian Libraries across the country – Project Advocate: Bill Ptacek; Approved: $2,000 Matching Grant

X-Ray machine for the HRCE hospital, Nepal – Project Advocate: Rob Rose; Approved: $3,500 Matching Grant

DSK hospital dialysis unit, Dhaka, Bangladesh – Project Advocate: Seattle 4, Steve Crane; Approved: $1,500 Matching Grant

Burn care dermatome unit and treatment – Bhutan – Project Advocate: Seattle #4, Jim Moore; Approved: $2,000 Matching Grant

Books for school in Zihuatanejo, Mexico – Project Advocate: John Lee; Approved: $750

Prescription drugs supply for Belize – Project Advocate: Peter Kaluna Approved: $500 Matching Grant

Water Project in San Salvador – Resource Development Agros – Project Advocate: Katherine Thompson, Humberto Acevedo; Partner: Dave Spicer, Agros; Approved: $2,000 Matching Grant

Orphanage floors, Eikenhoff, South Africa – Project Advocate: Troy Roper; Approved: $2,500

Literacy and school support in Afghanistan—Balkh Center and Char Bolak – Project Advocate: Sandy Clark; Approved: $2,500 Matching Grant

Computer Equipment – Technical School of Pazardjik, Bulgaria – Project Advocate: Rob Rose, Humberto Acevedo; Partner: Angel Kelchev, San Francisco Rotary #2; Approved: $1,500 Matching Grant

Dental Equipment Donation for Peru—Shipment cost to San Francisco – Project Advocate: Cecille R. Schuman, Humberto Acevedo; Partner: Kay Rodriguez, University Rotary Club; Carlos Rioja, Molina Vieja Rotary Club, Peru; Approved: $1,500

Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities, Nepal – Project Advocate: Rob Rose; Partner: Rural Health Education Service Trust and Hesperian foundation, USA;. Approved: $3,075

Community Based Rehabilitation Program, Nepal – Project Advocate: Rob Rose; Maheswor B. Shresta, Rotary Club of Kopundol, Nepal; Approved: $1,862

Spinal Injury Braces Supplies, Nepal – Project Advocate: Rob Rose, Dr. Sudha Agrawal, Rotary Club of Dharan Ghopa; Approved: $1,115

Financial Aid for Cleft Lip Patients, Nepal – Project Advocate: Rob Rose, Dr. Sudha Agrawal, Rotary Club of Dharan Ghopa; Approved: $1,200

Budget for 2008-2009 is $30,500.


Pakistan Earthquake Water & Sanitation Project-District 5030 – Presenter: Humberto Acevedo; Approved: $2500 District Matching Grant

Water for Sudan-District Simplified Grant – Presenter: Peter Kalunian; Approved: $8,000 Direct Grant to International Aid-Sweden

S.O.S. Children’s Village, Karachi, Pakistan Water Project – Presenter: Brian Rayfield; Approved: $5000 Matching Grant

Nueva Crecion Primary School, Zihuatenejo, Mexico – Presenter: John Lee; Approved: $3500 Matching Grant

Leper Colony – India Proposal to be developed – Presenter: Margaret Dorman; Requested amount: $5,000 Matching Grant; Tentative approval

TLC Child’s Home, Eikenhoff, Africa – Presenter: Troy Roper; Approved: $2500 direct grant to TLC; Recommend: $2500 next year

Water Wells for Ethiopia-Phase III-District 5020 – Submitted by Tacoma Rotary Club. In previous years we have contributed significant financial amounts for Phase I and II; Approved: $2500 for a District 5020 Matching Grant, to be completed by Tacoma Rotary Club

“Back to the Library” Project – Presenter: Angel Kelchev, former member of club, and now active as Rotaract District 5170 Governor; Approved : $1500 for a Matching Grant, to be completed by Angel Kelchev

Our budget for 2007-08 is $30,500.


Belize Matching Grant computer lab project, $5,000-Peter Kalunian

Micro-Credit Grant in India, $5,000-Nancy Pasternak & Charlotte Ellis

Micro-Credit Grant in India, $2000-Margaret Doman

Water Project video contribution, $2500- Katherine Thompson

School support project in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, $750-John Lee

De-mining District Project in Cambodia with HALO Trust, $500

Angel Kelchev’s multi-club matching grant involving Rotaract – India eye camp/surgery, $2,000; Bulgarian Computer Project, $1,000

Pakistani Earthquake Relief – Water Sanitation Project, $2500-multi district clubs

Check dams for Akola, India, $2,400 Eva Agarwal, Mercer Island RC