Rotary Student Youth Exchange

“Promote World Peace Through Service”

Rotary Youth Exchange


Youth Exchange is Rotary’s high school student exchange program. Youth Exchange offers students the chance to travel and study abroad, and sponsors students from countries around the world to come here and experience our culture as well. The program offers young people all over the world the chance to immerse into another culture and learn lessons that we hope lead to peaceful understanding.

Each year, about 8,000 students from over 100 countries and geographical areas participate in exchanges through the Youth Exchange program. There are two types of exchanges:

This exchange is open to students ages 15‑19 and usually lasts 10‑12 months. The student lives with more than one family in the host country and is required to attend school. Long-term exchanges may be extended to include all or part of the holiday/vacation periods immediately before or after the academic year.

This exchange is open to students ages 15‑19 and ranges from 3‑4 weeks in each country. It often takes place when school is not in session, and usually does not include an academic program. Short-term exchanges typically involve a Rotary district-organized exchange of a son or daughter between two families, but they may also take the form of international youth camps or tours that bring together groups of students from many countries.

For students, this is a “Journey of Friendship.” We intend that each young ambassador have a full educational experience in and out of the classroom. We expect them to extend the right hand of fellowship and offer the culture, beauty, language and other characteristics of their country, town, and family to all who will see and listen.

For the host family, this should be an educational and rewarding challenge for all in the household. Imagine an extended period of time to show a visitor the unlimited, vast resources of our town, region, and country. The endless conversation, in and out of our language, in which we, our friends, and our families can participate and learn of faraway places. Also, there is the wonderful challenge of learning the operation of a teenage mind from another culture.

This is a program to offer tremendous challenges and joys to all who will partake.

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Meet BRC Exchange Student Seema Tamang

Seema Tamang, BRC Exchange StudentSeema Tamang, from Nepal, is a 16‑year‑old Rotary Youth Exchange student with blindness. She is Nepal’s first Rotary youth exchange student. Her sponsoring club is the Rotary Club of Kathmandu, which was Nepal’s first Rotary club, having been chartered in 1959.


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