Bellevue Rotary Foundation Invoice Payment Policy

Effective date: January 13, 2016

This policy applies to the two invoices for the fall and spring fundraising events (e.g., the Auction and Oktoberfest). These invoices are due and payable by the end of the month to Bellevue Rotary upon receipt of the invoice. If a member is unable to pay an invoice by the due date, it is the member’s responsibility to contact the Foundation Treasurer regarding a payment plan. In the absence of a payment plan approved by the Foundation Treasurer, delinquent invoices will be addressed as follows:

  1. When an invoice is 60 days past the invoice date, the Foundation will email a courtesy notice to the member.
  2. When an invoice is 90 days past the invoice date, the Club will email and mail a 30-day notice of termination of membership. The Foundation Treasurer will call the member to follow-up on the notice.
  3. When an invoice is 120 days past the invoice date, the Club will mail and email a notice of termination of membership.

The Board of Directors will make the final decision regarding a member’s termination for non-payment.

  1. Members terminated for non-payment may be reinstated by completing the following steps:
  2. Pay all past due invoices in full.
  3. Petition the board for reinstatement – including a commitment to maintain their account current.
  4. Agree to have their credit card charged automatically for the two Foundation invoices.