Bellevue Rotary Foundation

The Bellevue Rotary Foundation is a qualified Washington State registered 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization with a mission to fund various charitable and educational organizations and activities within the Greater Eastside of Lake Washington and elsewhere.

There are three broad categories of organizations and activities that receive Bellevue Foundation grants:

community grants program

Inspiration Playground

Provides donations and funding to various charities and educational organizations providing services to residents in need primarily on the Greater Eastside of Lake Washington. The Bellevue Rotary Foundation has contributed over one million dollars and countless volunteer hours to organizations in the Bellevue community since it was established in 1990. Additionally, the Bellevue Rotary Foundation was a major contributor in resources and talent directly toward the building of Inspiration Playground at the Bellevue Downtown Park. Inspiration Playground (a Bellevue Rotary Club signature project) is an inclusive outdoor play environment designed for children and families of all ages and abilities.

world community service

Nepal-Differently Abled

The Bellevue Rotary Foundation also participates in a broad range of humanitarian, intercultural, and educational activities designed to improve the human condition. Humanitarian grants support projects that provide health care and medical supplies, clean water, food, job training, youth development, and education to millions of people in need, particularly in the developing world. The Bellevue Rotary Foundation also provides numerous grants each year to fund the work of the Rotary Club of Bellevue volunteers, where their technical expertise and knowledge are most needed to alleviate hardship and solve problems. In addition, the the Bellevue Rotary Foundation builds understanding through international scholarships, exchange programs, and humanitarian grants.

vocational service grants

Bryce Matsuoka, with BC Rotaractors: Xander Vincent Davidson, Rajiv Rainq, Nanami Tsumura, Kaely Wickham, Ayah Idris, Nicole Wen.

This innovative program provides donations and funding for youth scholarships, Rotary youth exchange programs, vocational service awards, funding for two Rotaract clubs, and Partners for Work funding, which assists people who are over 18 years of age and who have developmental disabilities and want to work.

The Bellevue Rotary Foundation IRS Form 990 is available by request to the Bellevue Rotary Club Administrator or through Charity Navigator and other non‑profit tracking sites.

Gifts can be made by check, credit card, or donations of marketable securities.  You might also consider a distribution from your donor-advised fund. If you’re over 70½, there may be tax advantages to making a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your IRA (for more information on QCDs click here and consult your tax advisor).